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I am a completely self taught, local artist with approximately 7 years experience in the field. I have received numerous commissions throughout the years from interior murals to family portraiture.  In 2000, I received my first commission for a wedding portrait and from then on, the requests kept coming. Later in 2000, I also got a job as an art teacher at Montecito Fine arts in Arcadia, CA teaching oils to children from 7 to 15 years of age… It didn’t last long, though, as I believe that the only way to teach is to do…

·        September 2008 – Participated in a group show for Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo At LA City Hall

·        June 2008 – Commissioned Family Portrait of Dwight and Yanna

    * April 2008 – Commissioned Portrait of Wedding Picture

    * March 2008 – Live Painting, Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA

    * Feb 2008 – Commissioned Portrait for Wedding Anniversary

    * Dec 2007 – Commissioned portrait – ‘Gadineh’ – Lena Baboyan

    * March 2006 – Present - Monthly Group Shows at The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    * July 2005 – Summer Art Fair, Monrovia, CA

    * June 2005 – Sept 2005 – Group Shows at Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, CA

    * May 2005 – Commissioned Interior Mural – New Mexico Sunset – Private Residence

    * April 2005 – Commissioned interior mural – Ohm Symbol – Elyse Briggs

    * March 2004 – Commissioned interior mural- Spiderman – Rikki  McDowell-McGee

    * September 2003 – Commissioned portrait – Selena – Abe Martinez

    * August 2001 – Commissioned print ad- Harrod Chiropractic – Dr. Sheila Harrod

    * September 2000 – Commissioned portrait – Wedding - Mr. & Mrs. Michael Garcia

    * June 2000 – Art Instructor – Montecito Fine Arts, Arcadia, CA

·        January 2000 – Commissioned portrait – infant with wings Florentino Olivas

As an artist, I tend to reach within to the collective unconscious to evoke imagery that speaks to the subconscious, the inner workings of the psyche… I think that is where all basic truths lie dormant… My job as an artist is to bring an awareness of the beauty that exists in this world through all the superficiality, pretensions and all around ugliness that seems to be prevalent in society…