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With a background in both Industrial Design and Sculpture, Simone Drucker is an artist/designer

who offers a multi-disciplined approach towards the design of spaces and environmental elements.

While studying I.D. at Rhode Island School of Design, she became fascinated with the precision

of industrial manufacturing techniques as a way to influence the production of art.  This influence

is present in her conceptual art and furniture pieces, and she has taken it a step further into

designing spaces and environments, focusing on tight design and precise construction, striving forvisual and multi-sensory experiences that are more complex the closer you look.

Simone has worked on projects spanning a variety of mediums, applications, and international

clients. Her education was immediately followed by a studio internship with international artist and

designer, Joep Van Lieshout, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.   In 2006, she was Recognized by

34 Magazine for the design of the “Hammock Lounge,” an environment built as a giant hammock

for a social gathering space.  She has since worked in the areas of product design, event

design,retail branding and merchandising, and interior design, to name a few.  She currently resides inSanta Monica, California, with a private art studio.