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Ekozania is an alternative to the typical blank landscape most of the world paints themselves in. It is about taking our individuality and expressing it on the outside for the world to see. It is about waking up everyday and putting on something that has meaning, character, and most importantly a reflection of ourselves.

Linelle Schultz started ekozania in 2008 with the intent to document the human condition and the spectrum of emotions that comes with this rollercoaster ride called life.

By using ordinary objects as focal points, she assigns new meanings to them beyond their original function. Her aim is to act as a storyteller with each individual piece, while still leaving it open for the viewer to insert their own life into the situation presented before them.

What started out as a series of mixed media pieces quickly grew into expanding the collection to clothing.

Her clothing line launched in December 2008 and draws from the images and ideas behind her artwork.

Ekozania is a quest to preserve personalities, and show them to the world.