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When asked, “What is your favorite painting?” artist Jeremy Johnson responds,

“The next one I’m going to paint”.

  Born in 1982 in Santa Clara, California, Jeremy started young; drawing and painting as a child.  It was obvious that art would be a passion he would possess throughout his life.  Having no formal instruction, Jeremy studied art history and theory on his own, and looked to art magazines and photography for inspiration.  “I started out young, creating and imitating works from other artists I liked.  Painting was just something that came naturally to me.  I never felt lost while holding a brush.” 

Throughout school, Jeremy received much attention for his paintings.  By 13, he found direction and began developing his own unique styles.  In high school he solidified them.  Jeremy often credits his high school art instructor for mentoring him.  “Without Dave Tamori I probably wouldn’t be where I am today, artistically speaking.  He believed in me and encouraged me to show my work.”  Back then Jeremy was known for never doing assigned projects.  He was constantly found in the back of the classroom painting profusely.  “During class I was flooded with inspiration and ideas.  When that bell rang for art class, I wasn’t about to put inspiration aside for an assignment.”  Not surprisingly, he never received less than an A in class, and graduated with honors in art.

Even though he was passionate about his art, Jeremy decided to go through the cadet process at the Butte County Jail to become a correctional officer and eventually make his way as a deputy.  On the 26th of June 2002, tragedy struck and Jeremy’s life changed forever.  His younger brother Justin drowned in a River while they were swimming.  Before his death, Justin had stressed how important it was for Jeremy to pursue his art.  He told Jeremy that becoming a police officer would be a waste of his talent.  When Justin’s locker at school was cleaned out, a binder of Jeremy’s art and pictures were found. Jeremy never knew his brother kept this binder of his work. Many of Justin’s friends shared stories with Jeremy about how proud Justin was of his big brother. They went on to share how Justin would always share Jeremys website with everyone. It was at that point that Jeremy knew he would pursue his art for the rest of his life.  Every piece he’s completed, as well as those to come, are dedicated to his brother Justin Johnson.

Jeremy’s paintings are influenced by many outside forces; however, his desire to paint and consistently create new, breathtaking works are derived from an internal source.  His work has been nationally televised, featured in magazines, and even adorns the walls of celebrity homes.

Jeremy now resides in Southern California continuously creating his art.  “When I’m painting, I never know how the piece will end up.  It’s never completed the way I originally plan, often much better.”  His popularity is rapidly growing, with a steady fan base in all parts of the world.  Soon you will be able to view his art around California and eventually all over the country.  You may even be able to catch him at a local Barnes & Nobles with a cup of coffee and an art magazine.  If you see him around stop and say "Hi."Jeremy loves to hear from those who know his work.