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Grissel Giuliano was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut.   She received her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Vermont.  Her work revolves around her interest in science, dental hygiene, food and her love of horror movies.  Grissel’s quest for love and life led her to New Orleans where she currently resides. 

Artist Statements

(Frozen Chicks)

Sometimes the dead really aren't dead.

I worked at a zoo in the bird department for a few years, and I fed chicks to birds of prey.  When the frozen chicks get delivered to the zoo (ten to a bag), they get smooshed together and form playful and dramatic poses where they seem to be suspended in space. They each have distinct personality, depending on the way they were frozen.

It delights me to be the re-animator for these chicks and give them a little life beyond the grave.

(Sticky Trap)

The “Sticky Trap” image series was inspired by my connection with nature and observing the vital role it plays in the cycle of life and death.  The photographs underscore the tragedy of death while revealing a certain beauty that lies within it.