Emigdio Rodriguez

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Emigdio Rodriguez Jr was born in,  October, 9,1988, in Sylmar, California. Emigdio formerly known as Emilio found his love for colors and drawing in kinder grade. His parents don't take his art skills seriously. His mother,Susana  tells him that he is never going to make money off his art.  Thus, now  at the age of 20 years old he is taking is art craft all the way. Working in everything form watercolor, oil pastels,ink,color pencils, crayons and acrylics. He buys the cheapest supplies  his minimum wage job allows him to afford. Emigdio still takes care of his 1 year old son Tim Rodriguez and his Vietnamese flower Thanh Ha. Emigdio is currently perfecting his craft expect alot more form him in the years to come.